2017 ELECTION LETTER: Timothy L. Keefe

An Open Letter To Maryland Horsemen

The current Board of Directors of the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association is extremely pleased by the large number of candidates who have expressed an interest in donating their time to serve as members of the MTHA Board. These are unpaid positions occupied by horsemen whose sole mission is to give back to the racing community.

A stated goal of the current Board of Directors upon their election in 2014 was to make the business of the association accessible, transparent and open to all. We strongly feel we have accomplished that goal and then some. 

Our organization is proud to conduct regular open Board meetings and to encourage input and participation by non-Board members in meetings and committee deliberations.  We always welcome constructive input from anyone.

The current MTHA Board has shown strong leadership that has produced meaningful results over their current three-year term. Highlights of the current Board’s accomplishments include: 

The current Board has shown steadfast leadership and has helped propel Maryland racing forward into a bright future. However, we need to maintain our progress, as there is much still to be achieved. 

With the upcoming MTHA Board of Directors election fast approaching, there has never been a more important choice for members as to which direction our Board heads. 

In the next few days, licensed owners and trainers in Maryland should receive a ballot for the 2017 Board of Director’s election. We strongly feel your choice is clear and we hope you allow us to finish our job to keep Maryland racing moving forward.

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Warmest regards,

Timothy L. Keefe
MTHA President

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