2017 ELECTION LETTER: Edward M. Buxbaum

Dear Fellow MTHA Member:

I have been asked to generate this letter in connection with my candidacy for a seat on the MTHA Board in the owner category in order to introduce myself to the membership and address why I am interested in joining the Board. Let me begin with this - I love everything about thoroughbred racing and have since I attended my very first Preakness in 1973, witnessing firsthand Secretariat's charge to the Triple Crown. From that third Saturday in May of 1973, I became hooked on the sport, having attended my 44th consecutive Preakness this past May.

As much as I enjoy the handicapping aspect of racing, however, nothing quite compares to owning a thoroughbred. For the last 10 years, I have been part of Big Bertha Stable, a claiming operation whose horses train with Damon Dilodivico and are stabled at Laurel. I relish interacting with the grooms, jockeys, trainer and most of all, the horses. I simply love all the sights and smells of the backstretch. Like any owner, I have experienced great highs- wins on Black Eyed Susan Day and in 2015 our Maryland bred mare Brenda's Way won the Geisha Stakes by 10 lengths. I have also experienced the inevitable lows - having lost a horse to illness. I know that my enthusiasm for the sport will translate into an active and productive role on the MTHA Board.

When I am not devoting time and energy to my horses, I practice law at a large Baltimore law firm - Whiteford Taylor Preston, LLP. I chair our firm's Business and Corporate Litigation practice, and have significant experience in handling matters arising out of the conduct of Boards of Directors. That experience has made clear to me that Boards function best when there is a mix of both experienced board members and those with fresh ideas and perspectives. Simply put, the most effective Boards are those that embrace change. As such, while I have not previously served on the MTHA Board, I think I can bring a lot to the table.

For example, while I support the notion of trying to get more uniform regulations in place with regard to medications, I do not support the idea of banning race day Lasix. I have seen firsthand the positive impact that Lasix has on otherwise sound horses, and see no reason to eliminate its usage on race day. I further support the efforts of the MTHA and the MJC in connection with the "Fantasy Owners" day. I think the MTHA needs to continue to explore ways to attract new racing fans to the sport, and promoting the possibility of individual or group ownership is a terrific way to bring in new racing fans. We need to generate and support more programs like that if we are to grow the sport. We also need to be sure we are doing all we can to ensure that our backstretch workers are well taken care of - they are the lifeblood of the industry. Finally, it is clear that very important decisions are looming with regard to the future of Pimlico, the track I "grew up" with. I would like to have a voice in those discussions, and having grown up only 10 minutes from the track, feel that I have an important perspective to contribute.

I hope this letter has been helpful in highlighting some of the reasons why I am excited about the possibility of joining the MTHA Board. I would very much appreciate your support in this election.

Very truly yours,

Edward M. Buxbaum

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