2017 ELECTION LETTER: A. Ferris Allen

The current MTHA has many recent accomplishments worth noting.

Our on site MedStar medical program is without question the best in the industry. The coordination that our staff member Diana Pinones provides is truly transformational.
Our backstretch recreation program is recently upscaled and better than ever.
Our backstretch community is so improved. Remodeled track kitchen, clothing center, new horsemen's lounge, backstretch counselling office.
Our commuication with horsemen is extensive. Digital message board, newsletter, face book presence, Our Executive Director, President and board members are involved and approachable.
Our rapport with the Maryland Jockey Club, the Maryland Horse Breeders, and Annapolis is the best I have ever seen since the formation of the MTHA in 1986.
Our Beyond the Wire program is off to a promising start.
But yes, we have alot yet to do and alot to improve.
Our condition book has never properly adjusted to three day a week racing. We need to rework a functional claiming ladder, including a reduction of optional claiming/ starter allowance races. More dirt racing needs to be encouraged.
Our track surfaces need more expertise and attention.
Our backstretch, barns, dorms, and grounds sorely need to become places we are proud to show the outside world and our owners, not the embarassment they are today.
Our agreements with other segments of the industy need much clarification.
My work on the board has concentrated on Recreation ,Backstretch, and Condition Book issues.Yes, we still have plenty to do.
Ferris Allen
13330 Long Leaf Dr.
Clarksville, MD 21029
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