Horsemen Recognition

Each year the Board of Director's of the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association recognizes outstanding owners and trainers as well as outstanding backstretch employees within the Maryland racing industry. Winners are these awards are honored at a special ceremony held each year at the MTHA’s annual Christmas Party celebration held in late November.

Outstanding Owners:

2013—The Jim Stable
2009—Janet Wayson

2008—Rob Ry Farm / Jayne Marie Slysz
2007—ZWP Stable
2006—Robert L. Cole, Jr.
2005—Allen and Audrey Murray
2004— The Nonsequitur Stable LLC
2003— Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Wright
2002— C. Frank Hopkins
2001— Alvin Akman
2000— Costas N. Triantafilos
1999— Randy L. Cohen
1998— Par Four Racing Stable
1997— Mr. and Mrs. E. Edward Houghton
1996— Phyllis and Bill Dixon
1995— Dr. Herman J. Kossow
1994— Sondra D. and Howard M. Bender
1993— Robert E. Meyerhoff
1992— Elaine and Charles Bassford
1991— Yvonne and Jim Stoner
1990— Sylvia E. and Arnold A. Heft
1989— J.E. Owens, III
1988— Stuart S. Janney, Jr.

Outstanding Trainers:

2013—Damon Dilodovico
2009—Hamilton A. Smith

2008—Scott A. Lake
2007—Christopher W. Grove
2006— James W. Murphy
2005— Michael J. Trombetta
2004— Linda Albert
2003— Rodney Jenkins
2002— Lawrence E. Murray
2001— Lori Testerman
2000— Anthony W. Dutrow
1999— Charles H. Hadry
1998— Ben M. Feliciano, Jr.
1997— Gary Capuano
1996— James P. Simpson
1995— Edmond D. Gaudet
1994— Richard W. Small
1993— Ronald Cartwright
1992— John J. Robb
1991— Barclay Tagg
1990— Carlos A. Garcia
1989— Howard Wolfendale
1988— Dale Capuano


Outstanding Backstretch Employees:

2013— John Allman, Bowie
Dylan Smith, Laurel 

2009— Francisco M. Oseguera, Bowie
Louis D. Bernier, Jr., Laurel 
Fred A. Tallarico, Special Appreciation

2008— Carlos A. Mancilla, Bowie
Catherine Thompson, Laurel
Camilo Damian, Pimlico

2007— Jose S. Ramos, Bowie
Molla Sletzinger, Laurel
Damon Gladden, Pimlico

2006— Wilhelmina “Willy” Moehring, Bowie
Tana D. Aubrey, Laurel
Scotty Jones, Pimlico

2005— Jessica Etter, Bowie
Ramon Rodriguez, Laurel
Tom Brightbill, Pimlico

2004— Libby Butts, Bowie
Gustavo Magana, Laurel
Leonardo Lopez, Pimlico

2003— Oscar Mancilla, Sr., Bowie
Randy Bright, Laurel
Kathleen H. Riggs, Pimlico

2002— Terry Overmier, Bowie
Brenda Brady, Laurel
Betty Majarro, Pimlico

2001— Scott J. Browne, Bowie
Raymond Davenport, Laurel
Dan Marchant, Pimlico

2000— Louis M. Garner, Bowie
James “Red” Gregg, Laurel
Ashley A. Stees, Pimlico

1999— John Brady, Bowie
James Barry, Laurel
Stacie N. Eggleton, Pimlico

1998— George Deener, Bowie
Eddy Escobar, Laurel
Benjamin F. Stubbs, Jr., Pimlico

1997— Marshall L. (Mark) Dillow, Bowie
Edna C. Bosica, Laurel
Valerie Wines, Pimlico

1996— Herbert L. Johnson, Bowie
Domingo A. Montero, Laurel
Laura A. Feliciano, Pimlico

1995— Charles E. Linton, Bowie
William “Beaver” Brown, Laurel
Bobby Gayhart, Pimlico

1994— Paul E. Guay, Bowie
Benjamin F. Stubbs, Jr., Laurel
Eugene A. Gumbs, Pimlico

1993— Pierre Nelka, Bowie
Rod Smith, Laurel
Mark P. Pratt, Pimlico

1992— Donna Deatrich, Bowie
Sally T. Richardson, Laurel
Donald L. Gardner, Pimlico

1991— Delanor M. Johnson, Bowie
Henry L. Mesias, Laurel
Monroe Holloway, Jr., Pimlico

1990— Roy D. Banjoman, Bowie
George F. Earp, Laurel
Charles P. Gore, Pimlico

1989— John W. Wagner, Bowie
Viola M. Yourman, Laurel
Robert Sterrett, Pimlico

1988— Frank J. Manco, Bowie
Laura L. Dennis, Laurel
Yvonne “Bumble” Alberts, Pimlico









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