Obamacare Registration Assistance Provided

GTY healthcare obamacare 187238640 jt 131130 16x9 992Open enrollment for the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care) will be ending March 31st and won't start back up again until October 1st. You can find the plan(s) that work for you and apply at this link, http://www.marylandhealthconnection.gov  
For our backstretch employees who don't have access to a computer for registration, call on the Maryland Horsemen's Assistance Fund and the Horsemen's Counseling Program to help.  The process takes a little more than an hour per person so it is important that the backstretch worker sets aside some time and make arrangements with Bobby Lillis at (410) 902-6843 or Bill Borchardt at (301) 776-0404.  
Also, at every library in the country (mandated by Obama Care) has an assister to help individuals who don't understand the process and will help them apply at the library. Check with your local library to see what days and hours the assister(s) will be available. 

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