Laurel Barns Re-Numbered, New Manure Bins Coming

Maryland Jockey Club, as part of a backstretch safety plan, has re-numbered the barns at Laurel Park and is currently attaching signage to each one.

In addition, dormitories will now carry letter designations, according to a new map of the stable area. They run from “a” and “b”—the two Laurel Commons dorms—to “i” near the track kitchen.

Most barns have new numbers. The barns along Racetrack Road near the top of the stretch remain the same, starting with No. 1. The system progresses all the way to the three newer “tent” barns (Nos. 31, 32 and 33) at the end of the backstretch. The Receiving Barn is No. 13 and the Detention Barn is No. 14. View new map here.

A discussion about re-numbering and better identifying barns began after a fire in one of the tent barns last December. The MTHA and MJC worked together on the safety plan and involved local emergency personnel.

MJC President Sal Sinatra said the primary purpose is to ensure that first responders know where they are going when they have to enter the barn area in the case of a fire or medical emergency. He noted the barn area at Laurel was pieced together, and there is a need for continuity.

In another stable area development, there will be new manure bins delivered by National Equipment Solutions beginning in May. They are scheduled to be dropped off on seven different days through late June. Plans call for five loads, each with 10 manure containers, for a total of 70.


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