MJC Outlines Environmental Procedures, Sanctions

The Maryland Jockey Club, citing scrutiny from the Maryland Department of the Environment, is requiring horsemen to follow specific procedures or risk fines and potential removal of horses from the grounds.

Major Mike Singletary, MJC Vice President of Security, outlined what he called “common-sense remedies” that can help the MJC avoid severe sanctions from the MDE. He said “all trainers and their employees must do their part to help the situation.” Effective immediately, the MJC is requiring everyone to follow these guidelines:


  • All manure bins must be completely covered when not in use.
  • Areas around all manure bins must be cleaned/cleared of all loose used bedding and manure.
  • All fresh bedding must be covered.
  • Areas outside of barns must be cleaned of dirt and other loose materials by using dry sweeping methods, not by hosing the area down.
  • Horses stabled in barns with wash stalls must be washed and hosed down in those stalls.
  • For barns with wash stalls, all wastewater generated from horse related activities should not be emptied into a storm drain.
  • All detergents and soaps used must be biodegradable.
  • Water hoses must be shut off and have a working nozzle.
  • Washing machines are not permitted in barns unless approved by MJC management.

Singletary said security staff will make rounds to ensure everyone is complying with the policies. A first offense will result in a warning. A second offense will bring a fine of $100, and a third offense a fine of $200. Fines will be paid to Racing Secretary Chris Merz within seven days. With a fourth offense, a trainer will be asked to remove their horses from the grounds. “We hope everyone realizes that these issues are very important and does their part to make sure we are in compliance with MDE regulations,” Singletary said.

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