Stronach Group Officials Discuss New Company Brand Strategy

The Stronach Group Feb. 27, in meetings with Maryland Jockey Club employees, explained its new 1/ST brand program that is geared toward reinventing the racing and gaming experience at its various properties.

The 1/ST initiative, which includes new graphics for live racing signals at the company’s tracks, was presented by David Wilson, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Guest Experience for the TSG.

“It comes down to the guest experience,” Wilson said. “Every department needs to be thinking, ‘What is this going to look like five years from now, 10 years from now, and what do I see every day that can be fixed?’ This is really a bottom-up approach.”


The 1/ST brand goals are to reinvent Thoroughbred racing and gaming, achieve the best level of safety for horses and riders, provide a fully engaging customer experience, ensure rewarding and sustainable careers for employees, and working at every facility to set the “gold standard” for horse safety and horse care.

“A massive amount of change is about to take place in Maryland—all for the good,” TSG Chief Executive Officer of Racing Operations Craig Fravel said in regard to the legislation authorizing funding for a rebuild of Laurel Park and Pimlico Race Course and continued equine health and welfare reforms. “You guys have a done great job, often on a shoestring. The most important message is, ‘What does it mean for me and what can I do?’ You guys are at the front line of engagement with our customers.

“There’s a lot of work to do in the legislature but it’s nothing compared to the work to come. It all begins and ends on the racetrack. We’re in the business of horse racing.”

The segments of 1/ST along with overreaching equine care initiatives are live racing, technology, the on-track experience and property management. The TSG will be realigned according to those areas.

Along with graphics presentation, the online betting platform is now called, and in the near future Laurel, now identified on video as the Maryland Jockey Club at Laurel Park, will be just called the Maryland Jockey Club.

Wilson also said all of the company’s racetrack websites will be redesigned to align with the 1/ST brand.

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