Laurel Park to suspend training two to three days for surface repairs

Training at Laurel Park will be suspended for two or perhaps three days to accommodate repairs on the base in two locations on the main track.

Maryland Jockey Club Track Superintendent Chris Bosley said the work is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 26, and Tuesday, Oct. 27. If necessary, the project could extend through Wednesday, Oct. 28. Bosley said the spots in question are located near the 5/8ths pole and the 11/16ths pole.

“The spots are where we made repair patches (this summer),” Bosley said. “It’s an issue with the material. Heading into the winter, we don’t like the way it’s looking, so we’ll take out all the material and replace it. The track is still safe but our confidence level (in those two areas) isn’t high for the winter.”

The project must be done before the weather turns. The weather forecast for Oct. 26-28 calls for favorable conditions.

Bosley said the patch material will be changed altogether and has come from a different plant. It was being tested Oct. 19, and indications are it is a better material, he said.

“We’re going to plan on it taking two three days to repair, but hopefully it will take only two days,” Bosley said. “Our overall goal is always keeping a safe and sound racetrack.”

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